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Asthma is a common breathing condition which can cause breathing difficulties, the treatment for Asthma usualy involves inhalers. Some people have very mild Asthma and others can have more severe symptoms. Either way we encourage all patients with Asthma to attend for an annual review with our nurse to have their breathing & medication assessed to ensure your treatment is the most appropriate. Some patients on inhaler treatment for Asthma do not require to use their medication all year round however it is still important for us to review you every 12 months. When you are due for a review we will write to you to book an appointment.


As mentioned Asthma is a very common condition which can start as a child or as an adult, in some cases where children are diagnosed with Asthma the symptoms may disappear as they get older. It is important if your child has Asthma to bring them for their annual review with the nurse.





COPD is a common breathing condition which mainly affect middle aged / older adults who have a history of smoking. People with COPD tend to experience increased breathlessness, coughs & possibly more chest infections than your average adult. Treatment of COPD is similar to Asthma in that you will be prescribed inhaler treatment and potentially other medication. Depending on your symptoms you may be offered Pulmonary Rehabilitation. Patients with COPD should attend the surgery every year for a review which includes having a breathing test called a Spirometry. A Spirometry helps us see how mild / severe your COPD is and aids our nurse or Doctor in prescribing the correct treatment for you. When you are due for a review we will write to you to book an appointment.






If you think you have symptoms of either Asthma or COPD then we would encourage you to make an appointment with a Doctor to discuss this.

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