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Cervical Screening or smear test is a test which checks for changes in the cells of a woman's cervix. For many women the test comes back as normal and if you are aged between 25-50 you will be asked to come back in 3 years. If you are aged 50-65 you will be asked to come back in 5 years. If you have any concerns before your next smear test is due then you should book an appointment to discuss these concerns with the Doctor.


For some women a smear test will show changes, if this is the case the laboratory where the sample is tested will refer you directly to the local Colposcopy clinic for follow up. It is important if you receive an abnormal result to attend the Colposcopy clinic where they will look at your cervix in more detail. If you receive a letter advising that you are being referred to the Colposcopy clinic and do not receive an appoitment within 4 weeks then you should contact us to chase this referral for you.


If you receive your letter to come for a smear and you're not sure if you'd like the test performed, we would encourage you to make an appointment to see pur Practice Nurse and discuss any concerns or queries you have with her.

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