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We offer 2 forms of contraception: The pill & the Depo (injection)


If you are interested in starting one of these options then we would advise that you book an appointment with one of our Doctors to discuss this further.


The Pill


The pill is the most common form of contraception and there are many to choose from. When you see the Doctor they will discuss which is the right pill for you taking into account many other factors including your current health, family history etc... Usually you will be given a 3 month prescription to start with to see how you get on, this may be increasd to 6 months if the pill suits you.


Please note to obtain further prescriptions of your pill you will be required to have an appointment at the surgery for a pill check; this is so we can monitor your blood pressure & check how you are getting on.


If you are experiencing problems you think may be related to using the pill please do not hesitate to contact us before your review appointment.


The Depo


The depo is another common form of contraception that is adminstered via injection every 12-13 weeks. If the Depo is your chosen method of contraception the Doctor will administer your first injection if it is appropriate to be given at that time.


You will then need to attend the surgery every 12-13 weeks for a further injection with the Practice Nurse. We recommend booking these appointments in advance and setting a reminder in your phone for when this is due.


Other forms of contraception


There are of course other methods of contraception that we do not currently offer at the surgery. If you are interested in more long acting contraception such as the implant or coil then you will need to contact our nearest sexual health centre. This is run by the SHINE service and can be contacted by calling 0161 206 1099.

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