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We participate in National Immunisation Shedule and offer the following vaccinations free of charge to those patients who are eligible.


  • Influenza (flu) - The flu jab is available between September & March. Patients who are eligible will receive a letter each year advising them when to make an appointment. Eligible patients include: Patients over 65, women who are pregnant, patients with certain medical conditions, patients living in care or nursing homes and people who are a carer for someone else. Anyone who we have identified as being eligible for a flu vaccination will be sent a letter from the practice inviting them to attend. If you are not eligible for a free flu jab but you still wish to have the injection you can attend any local pharmacy who offer the flu jab for them to give it to you (although there will be a charge for this)
  • Men ACWY - the Men ACWY injection is 1 injection that protects against 4 strains of the Meningoccocal bacteria which can cause Meningitis. Students in year 9 of high school are now being offered this vaccine as part of the school immunisation programme. Anyone who was born AFTER 1st September 1996 can go to their GP to have the Men ACWY given up to their 25th birthday. The Men ACWY injection is highly recommended for patients who are starting univeristy or college for the first time. Students are eligible for the Men ACWY at their GP until their 25th birthday, we recommend having the injection BEFORE you start college / university or soon after if that is not possible.
  • Pertussis (whooping cough) - this vaccine is offered to women during their pregnancy between being 16 and 32 weeks pregnant. You can however have the vaccine from 32 weeks up until going into labour but we recommend having this as soon as you become eligible. Your midwife will let you know when you become eligible and you will then need to make an appointment here at the surgery to have this done.
  • Pneumococcal - the "Pneumo Jab" is given to patients who are at risk due to long term health conditions or who are over the age of 65 to protect against developing an infection called Streptococcus Pneumoniae that can result in Pneumonia, Scepticaemia or Meningitis. If you are over the age of 65 we will offer you this injection,this is one injection and once you have had it will not need repeating. If you are eligible for the Pneumo jab due to a long term health condition and are under the age of 65 this may be a one off injection or it may need repeating in 5 years.
  • Shingles - Shingles is a vaccine offered to people who are aged 70 & 78 years old. Anyone who has previusly been eligible for the vaccine but hasn't had it yet is also still eligible this includes people who are in their 70's and their birthday is AFTER 1st September 1942 and also people who are aged 79 years old. You are eligible for the Shingles vaccine up until your 80th birthday. Each year we write to our newly eligible patients inviting them to come in for the vaccine if they wish.


If you have not had any of the above injections but think you may be eligible please contact the reception team who will be happy to check for you.


Hepatitis B - please be aware if you require a course of Hepatitis B injections for your employment it is your employers responsibility to provide this to you via their Occupational Health Department. We can only immunise patients against Hepatitis B who are deemed to be "at risk".


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