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Patients who are too ill to attend the surgery can request a home visit from the Doctor. Please be aware that you do not have an automatic right to have a home visit, Doctors are required to consider all requests for home visits and will attend if there is a medical reason to do so.


When requesting a visit you will be asked to provide your name, DOB, current address and the nature of your illness. You will also be asked to provide a current contact number so that the Doctor can call you to discuss your illness before attending.


Please note it is unsuitable to request a visit for the following reasons:

  1. No transport or no money to get public transport.
  2. Because it is for a child or any other young person who is otherwise mobile.
  3. Social reasons or convenience.
  4. Another service is more appropriate.

If you are requesting a visit due to any of the above reasons and your medical condition is not severe enough to keep you at home you will be requested to attend the surgery at a mutually convenient time.



Visit requests must be made before 12pm.


Visit requests made after 12pm will be put on for the following day. If this is a weekend we can either request the visit for Monday or you will need to contact the Out Of Hours GP by calling 111 after 6:30pm.


The Doctors do their home visits between morning & afternoon surgery which is between 12pm - 3pm. 


We also have access to an Acute Home Visiting Service within our area which enables our patients to be seen by a Doctor earlier in the day. These Doctor's have full access to our patients medical records and can treat you in the same way as our own Doctors. If you are eligible for this service our Doctor will discuss this with you on the phone.



In an emergency such as experiencing crushing chest pain, sudden onset of shortness of breath, you find someone unconscious or they are losing a lot of blood please call 999 - DO NOT request a home visit from your GP as this will delay you receiving what could be life saving treatment!

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