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In 2017 when we reviewed our non attendance rates we found that 1737 appointments were wasted by patients who did not attend. We decided at that time that we needed to take a firm stance on non attendances and introduced our updated non attendance policy that saw the practice sending reminder letters for non attendances as well as removing patients who did not attend multiple times throughout the year.


We are very happy to say that in 2018 the amount of appointments which were wasted dropped to 1207 which was a significant improvement. Our aim is for this number to be below 1000 in 2019.


Patients who do not attend not only waste our clinicians valuable time but they increase the waiting time for other patients to be seen and also prevent other patients from being seen that day that might need to be.


We understand sometimes there is a very good reason that patients do not attend however in our experience a majority of patients who do not attend don't then contact us to re-book the appointment.


Text Message Reminders


From the summer of 2018 we introduced text message reminders for our appointments. If we have your mobile number on record you will receive these reminders when you book a face to face appointment at the practice. If you do not receive these reminders please check with our reception staff to make sure we have your up to date number on record.


You will also receive these reminders if you have the MyGP app on your smart phone.


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